Parents may wish to support the school by volunteering their time and skills. This may include helping with class programmes, sports coaching, fundraising, school productions, trips, and camps. Parents may also take part in school policy reviews, or become members of the board of trustees or parent group.

Parent involvement contributes to a strong school community and has benefits for everyone involved. Many events would simply not take place without the involvement of parent volunteers.

Becoming a Volunteer

  • Parents are welcome to offer their time and assistance.

  • Parents are invited to help when the need exists. When there are more offers of help than required, the school declines some of these offers. The school reserves the right to decline offers of help at any time.

  • Parents are considered for their suitability for the event or activity, and are asked to complete a volunteer agreement form. For Education Outside the Classroom (EOTC) events, suitability may include specific skill levels required for the event.

  • At our school, we police vet parent volunteers for camp or overnight activities.

  • Parents are informed of their obligations and role as helpers.

  • Activities involving volunteers are monitored by staff.

  • Note that it is not always appropriate for younger siblings to come along with the parent helper. Please discuss this before the event/activity.

All volunteers are expected to comply with the school's smokefree and alcohol/drugs policies.

Care and Protection of Children

  • The school's child protection, privacy, and sharing images of students policies apply to anyone helping in the school. For example, volunteers must maintain confidentiality regarding other students, and should be aware of not being alone with students.

  • Volunteers at school will sometimes become aware of issues relating to individual families or specific students. Any issues or concerns should be communicated immediately to the classroom teacher who should be able to reassure parent volunteers that the school is managing the situation. Concerns and issues should not be discussed with other parents.

  • If the parent volunteer continues to have concerns, these should be raised with the principal.