Frequenty Asked Questions
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Head lice are a common problem in Schools. All children are susceptible to head lice. Head lice are treated as a contagious disease and children must be removed from School until treated and the lice eradicated. The following websites give more information to help with identification and treatment.

School Uniforms

The School uniform is optional daily wear and compulsory during School trips and special occasions.
1. When worn, even by choice, the uniform is to worn in its entirety: top, shorts, pants, school sweatshirt or jacket and appropriate footwear.
a. Appropriate footwear includes ankle socks (Not rugby or soccer style), and either gym shoes or street shoes in winter. Sandals may also be worn in summer without socks.
2. There may be times when full correct uniform must be worn, such as special occasions. This will be at the Principal’s discretion and clearly communicated through the newsletter or a notice home.
3. Full correct uniform must be worn for offsite events such as: sports, class trips, technology and camps. Exceptions at the Principal and Teachers’ discretion may be during camps and events where the uniform would be inappropriate. No child will be prevented from attending any EOTC event associated with the classroom programme.
For up-to-date information about the prices and availability speak to Wendy in the office.

School Funded Bus - Bee Bus
We have a paid bus that runs from Mowhanau beach, past the Bason Reserve and into town, then back to School along SH3. This is for children who are out of zone or not on the Ministry of Education bus routes.
$20 per seat for the first two children, any additional children after that are free.
A casual rate of $3.00 per seat, per trip (If seats are available).

Click here to a PDF of the routes and times.

School Bus - MOE funded

There are three MOE funded bus runs, full details are available from the office.

School Bus - MOE funded
There are three MOE funded bus runs, full details are available from the office.

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